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2 ways - Few steps

Oweme allows you to save in few clicks an account you shared with your friend. Nothing could be easier! Just write down the name, the amount agreed, a due date and a small note.

  1. 1. Who
  2. 2. Amount
  3. 3. Due date
  4. 4. Notes
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Have a quick look at the list of accounts you share with your friends

Don’t get embarrassed anymore by asking for a reimbursement. Thanks to Oweme, you can now prove what has been agreed without feeling uncomfortable. We all know that talking about money can be quiet tricky. This App is there to help you.

And never forget

From now on you will never forget! Oweme does the job for you by saving your accounts followed by notes.

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Short reckonings make long friends

Notre plan futur

Pour le futur nous imaginons ouvrir notre applicaton à une utilisation plus complexe comme la prise en charge de compte de groupe, pour des activités à plusieurs.

Nous aimerions aussi pouvoir creer un sytème de rappel qui les utilisateurs pourraient s'envoyer entre eux afin de rappeller à leurs amis les comptes qui leurs sont destinés.

Oweme - iphone5 - account Oweme - iphone5 - account